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On January 30, 2011, the brothers of Delta Epsilon Psi from Iota Chapter went to downtown San Antonio to volunteer at the San Antonio Children's Museum located at 305 East Houston Street, San Antonio, TX 78205.

Once there, the brothers were divided into three teams to manage different parts of the museum. The first part was the Powerball Hall; this is an exhibit where the children have fun putting the balls in a variety of different mechanisms that move the balls throughout the exhibit. The brothers had a great time helping the kids by getting some balls un-jammed out of the machines, and just having fun with the children. The second exhibit was the HEB Kid's Market and Kid's Cafe, which is an interactive grocery store where the children can pretend to be shopping or eating. The brothers helped the children get grocery items, and restock them, the third exhibit was the Front End Loader, this is an exhibit where the children got to get into a front end loader and scoop up rocks with it. The brothers guided the children by telling them which buttons to push and when to push them.

Overall it was a great service event for the Iota Chapter brothers of Delta Epsilon Psi. Going to the SACM was an experience where the brothers were able to give to the children of the community. It is always a great time when Delta Epsilon Psi gets to give to the community.



Dipen and Janak

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